Would you like to perform in a unique and massive production?


 The performances will be seen at the brand new Uros Live Arena 1.-3.1.2022. Rehearsal periods will be organized during summer and autumn 2021 as well as three weeks before the premiere.

The performers will attend rehearsals at different times depending on the role. The rehearsal periods for each role will be confirmed during June 2021. The rehearsals will be held in the capital region and in Tampere. All performers should be prepared to participate in the ensemble rehearsals and the dress rehearsal that will be held around 13-31.12.2021 according to a schedule to be released later.

The international tour


Negotiations for international shows of The Snow Queen are currently underway. An international tour is likely to be arranged after the Finnish premiere, during the years 2022-2023. The auditions for both will be held at the same time. For the international tour, we value at least elementary English skills and a minimum of 18 years of age. Around 40-45 roles will be filled for the international tour, also all main roles.


You can apply for the audition by filling in the form and sending the casting team your audition video.


How to apply for the virtual audition: 

  • Register your application for the audition at:
  • In the Drive link below, you can download a 1-minute music clip composed by Tuomas Kantelinen for the show and perform your audition on it, but this is not mandatory. However, please make sure the music part in your video does not exceed the length of 1 minute. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14gBRPkolkkRpsqlh3XDxFmKiLWLdyAVW?usp=sharing
  • Send us the application and the link to your audition video by Wednesday 31 March at 16:00 (EET) 2021. Upload the video to YouTube and insert the link into the field in the registration form. Please make sure the privacy settings of the video allow us to watch the video directly from the link.
  • The casting team will process the videos 5.-9. April 2021.
  • Invitations to the possible auditions in Helsinki and Tampere will be sent on Friday 9 April, and if possible, the auditions will be held on Tuesday, 13 April in Helsinki and on Friday, 16 April in Tampere. Please follow our channels for information about the state of the auditions.


What we want to see and hear in the video:

  • Before your performance and the start of the music, please tell us your name, your age, your background in skating and where you come from. Also add your name to the file name you save your audition video with.
  • Follow the music and its feeling. Include your favorite moves and skating styles in the video.
  • Figure skaters: please show us what kind of jumps, spins and moves you master. We want to see how you can adapt to the music and express your emotions through skating.
  • Ice hockey players: please show us your skills in skating and doing tricks. And if you master any surprise acrobatic movements, go for it and show them, too!
  • We are looking for all kind of people of all age groups, original individuals – so don’t limit yourself, show us all you’ve got! We are going to hire girls, boys, women, men, from children to seniors, figure skaters and ice hockey players – ice sports are suitable for everyone!